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How to help

Complete Labour Day registration form and submit to the Ministry of Youth and Culture to have your project recognised. 

National Project

This year's national project will be at the Portmore-Hagen Park. Hundreds of trees will be planted, bushing, shrubbing and other land scaping activities will form part of the day's proceedings.


Labour Day 2014 is being celebrated under the theme 'Take a Stand... Beautify our land'

​"The work of volunteers has a direct positive impact on the quality of our public services, on our well-being, on our economy and on our national image. Indeed, no country can function effectively without its citizens becoming actively involved in the affairs of the nation through volunteerism. That — the essence of civic duty — was what former Prime Minister Michael Manley envisaged when he asked the nation to put work into Labour Day in 1972. It is part of Jamaican culture that ‘each one helps one’. And on Labour Day we will galvanise our people — particularly our young people — around this pillar of our cultural identity." Hanna

Labour Day 

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